What we Offer

Besides Academics and Life skills education, we also offer:

Mid-Day Meal

In addition to a healthy mid-day snack, Diksha provides a daily meal to the children and has been made possible only through the outstanding support of the community. Cooking is done in the school kitchen maintaining high standards of hygiene. It is heartening to watch the children do justice to the simple meal of lentils like rajma and chana with rice and seasonal vegetables. Sometimes they have an added treat of a dessert fondly provided by a well-wisher.

Extracurricular Activities

The curriculum is designed to encourage participation in extracurricular activities. Each child is made to recognize and nurture what he/she identifies as their life skills and attributes and is prompted to add other facets to these skills to become a well-rounded individual. There are great opportunities provided for sports, drama, dance and  art forms.

Parental Involvement

Since the bulk of children are first-generation-learners, parents are provided a platform for free exchange of ideas and views while apprising the progress of their child. Through a two-way relationship, coupled with an enabling environment,parents are kept informed on:

Immunization, Safe Contraception, Gender Based Violence, Child Abuse, Self Employment, Reproductive Health, Health, Nutrition, Sanitation,Hygiene, Substance Abuse and Addictions