Meet Diksha Students

Where do they come from?

Diksha children are typically:

  • From Migrant labour families living in jhuggis (make-shift homes)
  • Belong to economically weaker sections living in Chauma village, Dharam colony, Caterpuri and New Palam Vihar
  • Found loitering in the streets begging for alms
  • Drop outs from up to three previous schools
  • Refugees from Bangladesh

Who are they?

Diksha children:

  • Belong to families with a monthly income of Rs. 8000 or less
  • First-generation learners
  • Unsupervised with both parents working full-time
  • Belong to single parent homes
  • Guardians for younger siblings
  • Subjected to physical and verbal abuse
  • Recipients of alcohol-induced violence
  • Weak and undernourished
  • Abandoned
  • From gender-biased homes