Meet Diksha Parents


Parents as Partners


A child's home environment and relationship with parents is as crucial as a good education. The school provides encouragement and guidance to help Diksha parents support their children at home to the best of their capacity. The value of cleanliness, hygiene, proper nutrition and behaviour management are constantly demonstrated to the parents through the changes seen in their children over a period of time. Children are encouraged to motivate their parents to make simple changes around the house such as bathing daily and washing uniforms often.


Diksha follows a strict policy of non-violent behavior management in school. Parents are constantly counseled to be gentle with their children and to stop the use of violence as a way to punish negative behavior. They are encouraged to see the strengths of their children and to motivate them to be better citizens of the community.

Since the bulk of children are first-generation-learners, parents are provided a platform for free exchange of ideas and views while apprising them of the progress of their child. Regular parent teacher meetings for each child are held twice a year. Issues warranting parent involvement are addressed in one on one meetings throughout the year. In addition, parents are regularly invited and encouraged to participate in school events such as Independence day celebrations and health camps.



Frequent workshops are held by Diksha volunteer organizations such as Association for Social Health in India (ASHI) on:


- Immunization, Safe Contraception, Gender Based Violence, Child Abuse, Self Employment, Reproductive Health, Health, Nutrition, Sanitation,Hygiene, Substance Abuse and Addictions.



In addition, short-term courses such as on sewing and beauty care are held for Diksha mothers to provide them with skills for employment.


Diksha encourages parents to support the school in whatever capacity they can, when they show an interest. The school also provides additional employment where possible. For example, a parent skilled in tailoring, stitches the uniforms for the school.


DIKSHA DARPAN works with the mothers of the children, currently enrolled at the school, helping them strive for self-reliance and sustenance. The women are trained to make various products in return for a share in the profit. Diksha Darpan also collaborates with projects, working towards the preservation of traditional Indian handicrafts, weaves and diverse art forms.